Feedback collection

Collect feedback using a mobile app or a web app. All you need to collect feedback is a smartphone running Android or iOS or a web browser. Our solution even works offline.

Data is stored in the cloud. Collect data in one place, and access worldwide.

Data is storred in cloud. Collect data in one place, access worldwide.

Dedicated data processing and monitoring

See high level monitoring anytime or get detailed report on request.


Various sources.

The organization determines the type of data to be collected and the methods for collecting it. The data is gathered from various sources, such as surveys or questionnaires.


and completeness.

Every piece of collected data is organized, cleaned, and stored in most reliable way available to ensure completeness.


Discover Data.
Explore Results.

Whether you are an analyst, data scientist, or simply looking to better understand your collected data, Discover Data and Explore Results we provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions.

We are creating a solution for a painless feedback collection

Crossdevice solution

Works on any device. Collect data from your browser or app. View results on your favourite browser.

Works even offline.

Any feedback that was collected never gets lost even if it was collected offline.

Accessible worldwide

Doesn't matter where you are. You can access the results from any place worldwide.

Uniq personal id

Every person who participates in a feedback collection process has a unique ID in our system.

Full-stack data processing solution
User cabinet

Secure access to the application with clean, simple, and easy to interface

Available different options to log in via Google and Facebook account as well as via classical email and password.

All information is stored in a secure database. The user can access the application from any device.


Interactive dashboard available from anywhere.

Dashboards are available for each user. The user can see the results of the feedback collection process in real-time.

The dashboard is interactive and allows you to filter the results by different parameters.

The user can view the results in the form of graphs and tables.

Data sources

The user can collect feedback from different sources.

Create your own data sources and collect feedback from them.


The user can create experiments and collect feedback from the users.


We support integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

We collect feedbacks and personal data. If you want we can share this data with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account so that you can use Power Apps to analyse and visualize data in the environment you are used to.

Why integrate?
  • We collect feedbacks and data, do monitoring and processing while it's up to you how to integrate the results in your work processes
project timeline
About us
We are enthusiasts with uniq expertise.

We are like-minded data collection enthusiasts with collectively over 10 years of experience in feedback and data collection. Our combined experience has given us a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in data collection, including survey design, data analysis, and customer insights.

Throughout our careers, we have been committed to delivering accurate and actionable feedback to businesses of all sizes, helping them to make informed decisions and improve their offerings. With our Start-up, we aim to share our expertise with wider audiences and help businesses leverage the power of data to grow and succeed.

Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction is paramount, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible data collection solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and requirements. With our extensive knowledge and passion for data collection, we are confident that our start-up can make a significant impact in the world of business and data analytics.

project timeline

The product is not ready for worldwide release yet.

We've covered a lot of preparation work, proof of concept and research. We are in the middle of the development stage. Right now we offer a pre-purchase in order to do all the development as fast as possible and after beta-testing offer the public version to the world.

Why pre-purchase?
  • It is cheaper. You pay only $10 per system user per month. After the release the price will double.
  • As a part of pre-purchase you get our full support and personal supervision for your project.
  • The more pre-purchase clients we get the faster we will release the first public version.
We are looking for talents. Send CV to
  • 3+ years of JS stack
  • React experience
Full-stack engineer Kyiv or Remote
  • 2+ years of React Native
React Native developer Kyiv or Remote
  • 3+ years of Web testing
  • Mobile app testing experience
Manual QA Engineer Kyiv or Remote
  • 2+ years of GCP
Dev Ops Kyiv or Remote